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Beam Us Out of Here, Scottie!

Really? The Stupids Are Winning?

TSAW is purposely not intended to be a humorous site, although by the nature of some of the stories you will read, you might find yourself shaking your head in disbelief and laughing. It's really a site dedicated to collecting, investigating and reporting stories that help us understand why it appears that some people are incredibly successful when by all expectations they barely have the intelligence to BREATHE! Our main features will point out stupidity in the world that's around us - partners, family, friends, sometimes stupidity by entities of power - managers, companies, technologies, sometimes, even in our government servants.

Coming features will include academic and quasi-academic articles by authors genuinely trying to determine the cause and effects of the stupid actions we observe. There are other great sites about how stupid people do us favors, like, maybe removing themselves from the gene pool:Essay about a friend who died. There are many, many other sites about stupid people being jackasses and just plain idiots to make a video for TV or YouTube. This site is about stupid people and situations where those people think they have thought through the situation, then picked the dumbest option, and yet somehow they still prevail! The ironies are painful. TSAW is about those ironic situations.

Will you find some of the irony or situations humorous? Who wouldn’t laugh at the statistics in an article that helped inspired this site:

Authors, Justin Kruger and David Dunning (Cornell professors) received an Ig Noble Prize for their study that found that people who tested at or below the 12th percentile of intelligence, surprisingly estimated themselves to be in the upper third of intelligence! Whether they studied prisoners or college students, many stupid people often misjudge their cognitive abilities by a magnitude!

About TSAW

Investigation the irony of stupid people (and sometimes businesses) being wildy successful despite themselves


A (mainly) serious discussion of the exasperation and tumult we feel in those situations.

  • Readiness to answer all questions is the infallible sign of stupidity. Saul Below

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Is it possible to make a living running a website? I’m not stupid enough to think so, but ask me in ten years! Maybe, I'll be an archtypical example of this website.  JF