TSAW Companies

[COMPANY] So last month I applied for a CapitalOne credit card with the intention of getting a second card for my daughter who is heading off to college. The card is approved and then I get an email asking if I would like to customize my Image Card. Why not? I've had my mug on my CitiBank Card for years confident that it would be less valuable to a thief.

Card arrives, nice picture - old man with glasses and a beard. I authorize my daughter for the account and look around the CapOne website for how to upload her picture onto her new CapitalOne card. Guess what? Every authorized user on the account, myself, my wife, and my daughter, has their own name on the card - but they only allow MY picture on their cards! Online support says I can't even change the picture for another 30 days! I hope my daughter doesn't need books….. she'll probably have a credit card by Christmas! TSAW
[OWNER] I was working for the Internet side of a small print advertising agency. Print newspapers, unfortunately, are dying a slow death, 2-3% revenue and advertising drop per year. Advertising agencies sell for about 50%-60% of the previous year's net profit. Nearly broke, the place was worth about $500K. At the time it was difficult to keeping the doors open.

Somehow the owner landed a great URL and a few SEO links and all of a sudden we had publicly listed companies coming out of the woodwork making offers to buy the online business. After a ton of negotiations we sold the company for $25 million! The owner, well past his prime, had never bothered to even learn the Internet. He could barely talk revenue to the buyers, let alone SEO, unique visitors or clicks. Doubling down stupid: with his proceeds he went out and bought another print advertising agency! Apparently he prefers the slow death he is oblivious to, over the risks of new technology. Today he likes to hang around entrpreneur meetings bragging about the deal. Great example of the kind of person who got lucky once, and figures that certifies him as a genius. TSAW

[WORK] I’m a scientist for the government in Colorado. I designed a remediation system that was so good it was eventually adopted by the other five regions nationally. Since I had been lead I was invited to a conference in Washington to accept a recognition award. My department head cited budget problems and said there were not enough funds for the trip. Coincidently, he went to Washington for some reporting and went to the conference to accept my award! When he came back, mysteriously the plaque had his name on it and hung outside his office. He doesn't even have a science degree!

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